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Computer Stuff, Issue 4

on 2019-06-23 by raylu

2 issues ago, I talked about how important IE6 was to the formative years of my programming experience. Perhaps more important to me was 1. was a matchmaking service for Blizzard games (I was late to the scene, so mostly Brood War, The Frozen Throne, and Lord of Destruction).

Computer Stuff, Issue 3

on 2019-06-14 by raylu

Symantec, Comodo, Honest Achmed

Last week, we talked about how YouTube helped kill IE6. More recently (2018), Google did something similar (use their marketshare to do something that was tough).

Computer Stuff, Issue 2

on 2019-06-08 by raylu

How YouTube Helped Kill IE6

When I am old and have grandkids, I'm going to regale them with stories of IE6 compatibility. IE6 was an important part of the formative years of my programming experience. You would write some HTML/PHP/JS/CSS and make it fast and gorgeous and everything was great. Then, you'd show it to someone and they'd see something totally broken because they were using IE6.

Computer Stuff, Issue 1

on 2019-05-31 by raylu

Welcome to the inaugural issue/volume/post of Computer Stuff! I've been reading a lot of Matt Levine's Money Stuff (which is about corporate finance), so I thought I should write posts in the same style under the title Computer Stuff (about software). This will probably be weekly, but since this is the first, I feel like I'm allowed to use any material since the beginning of time.